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What Makes Patek Philippe Watches so Valuable? – Seven Reasons

Patek Philippe is generally considered the top brand among all the major watchmakers in Switzerland. Why is this true? RudigerBucher, editorial director of WatchTime German sister magazine Chronos, lists seven reasons for Patek Philippe’s success. Patek Philippe replica watches has mastered all aspects of advanced watchmaking – from the manual chain of dual watches and “standard” complex features such as an annual calendar or second time zone, to the exquisite masterpieces of a three-way watch, tourbillon and split second timepiece. Exquisite craftsman handicrafts go hand in hand with modern high-tech machinery.

This level of expertise cannot be achieved overnight. cheap fake Patek Philippe watches has been around for 177 years and continues to make watches during that time, creating a huge experience of passing from one generation of watchmakers to the next. While Patek Philippe has such a legendary tradition, manufacturing is not limited to its past. On the one hand, the company maintains the value of traditional tabulation art while investing heavily in new materials, technologies and production methods. The brand is also consciously choosing to create new designs, such as the 2015 pilot watch, Calatrava pilot travel time (we detail that here).

Quality is Patek Philippe’s most valuable resource. The whole company aims to support it. With the introduction of the Patek Philippe seal in 2008, the company implemented stringent standards, often exceeding normal industry standards. But the commitment to quality doesn’t just apply to the watch itself. Luxury Patek Philippe Watches provides the highest standards for employee training – from watchmakers to sales staff, including customer support from sales to services.

Founded in 1839 and led by the stern family for more than 80 years, Swiss Patek philippe replica watches now has its fourth generation of products. This provides a high degree of consistency in the company’s philosophy and policies. It also ruled out a fundamental shift in direction as a result of management changes, so the path to success is sure to continue. This ensures sustainability, which is closely related to the following points.

Anyone who buys best copy Patek Philippe watches knows he may not lose any money if he chooses to sell it later. And the value of the watch is entirely likely to increase over time, although in individual cases it is impossible to predict. But it’s a comforting fact, even if most people just buy watches for their own pleasure and have no plans to resell them immediately. The quality of manual decoration in the manufacturing process is high both technically and stylistically. Even for something as inconspicuous as a wheel, it takes about 40 to 60 steps. Enamel painting, extremely delicate carving, inlaid gems and inlays all play an important role.