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The Best Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5035 vs. 5146

The annual calendar was designed by 1:1 Swiss Patek Philippe Replica as a simpler version of the perpetual calendar. Unlike the perpetual calendar, which automatically displays the correct time and date in perpetuity, an annual calendar requires a readjustment once a year to accommodate February’s peculiar length.

And since it’s almost March 1st, it is almost time to re-set your annual calendar if you have one. To help get you in the spirit, we’ll be comparing two Patek Philippe annual calendar watches: the reference 5035 and the reference 5146. Among Patek’s plethora of watch complications, the annual calendar is one of the brand’s most popular.

What Is An Annual Calendar?

Luxury Patek Philippe Calendar Replica watches come in many forms. For instance, there are the simple date watches and the slightly more complex, day and date watches. Then there are complicated calendar watches that can indicate the day, date, month, and moon phase. And among those, there are perpetual calendar and annual calendar watches.

A perpetual calendar watch automatically adjusts to correctly indicate the date in (almost) perpetuity because the complication accounts for leap years too. However, in 2100, the scheduled leap year is skipped, so even a perpetual calendar will require manual adjusting – but none of us will be alive then, so that is not our concern!

On the other hand, an annual calendar needs a hands-on correction once a year. An annual calendar can differentiate between months with 30 days and 31 days, but not February, which has either 28 days (in a normal year) or 29 days (in a leap year). Therefore, every year, when February turns into March, the Swiss Patek Philippe Replica wearer has to manually adjust the calendar to continue on the correct course. Compared to a perpetual calendar, which can be difficult and frustrating to readjust once it has been dormant for a while, an annual calendar is easier to set.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Ref. 5035

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar

As previously mentioned, the first generation Patek Philippe Annual Calendar ref. 5035 Replica Watches made its debut in 1996. Available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum, the Patek 5035 sports a 37mm round case with a smooth stepped bezel. As expected, these dressier Patek watches come fitted with elegant leather straps.

The dials of the Annual Calendar 5035 pack plenty of information. At the center are the luminescent leaf-shaped hands that sweep around the dial, pointing to the luminescent Roman numerals. Then there’s the trio of sub-dials to indicate the month, 24-hour time, and day. Finally, there’s a discreet date window placed at 6 o’clock.

As with most modern Cheap Patek Philippe Replica watches, the back is fitted with sapphire crystal for a clear view of the movement inside. In this case, the engine is the automatic Caliber 315/198, which offers users a power reserve of roughly 40 – 45 hours.

As with most modern Patek Philippe watches, the back is fitted with sapphire crystal for a clear view of the movement inside. In this case, the engine is the automatic Caliber 315/198, which offers users a power reserve of roughly 40 – 45 hours.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Ref. 5146

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar

In 2005, Patek replaced the ref. 5035 with the Annual Calendar ref. 5146 super clone. With the second generation (and current) Annual Calendar, Patek brought about a host of changes.

First, the case size grew to 39mm – more fitting to the market demand for larger men’s watches. Yet again, the 5146 is available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. However, along with leather strap options, Patek now also offers all three gold editions with a full gold link bracelet.

In addition to design changes, the Annual Calendar ref. 5146 also offers even more displays on the dial. Along with the time, date, day, and month, the current Patek annual calendar model also has a moonphase display (forgoing the 24-hour sub-dial) and a power reserve indicator. The lume-filled Roman numerals of the older model were replaced with a mix of Arabic and faceted indexes, accompanied by small lume plots on the outer railroad minute track. Conversely, the platinum version only has faceted indices and has no numerals at all for its hour markers.

In terms of movements, the earlier Annual Calendar ref. 5146 first copy watches ran on Caliber 315/299 operating at 21,600 beats per hour. This was later replaced with the current Caliber 324 S IRM QA LU, which operates at 28,800 beats per hour. The 5146 watches also come with a sapphire caseback and those with the updated movement offer users a power reserve of approximately 45 hours.

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New Patek Philippe Replica Releases

Christmas came early for high-end watch enthusiasts with renowned watchmaker Patek Philippe dropping new watch models including chronographs, a pair of fancy gem-set sports models, and a precious metal successor to the recently discontinued 5711.

Some of these new releases were familiar and expected while others were novel and surprising, to say the least. Let’s delve into all the latest Swiss Patek Philippe Replica releases to discover what they have to offer.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/1G-001

Among Patek’s latest models, the most talked-about is, hands down, the Nautilus 5811/1G, which is the successor to the ultra-sought-after Nautilus 5711 that the company discontinued in January 2022.

At first glance, the new 5811 and the older 5711 look identical, featuring the porthole-shaped cases, rounded octagonal bezels, integrated bracelets, and blue/black horizontally embossed dials that are characteristic of the Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches. What’s more, the sapphire caseback, water-resistance rating of 120 meters, and the Caliber 26-330 S C remains. However, there are a few notable differences to point out.

New Patek Philippe Releases Nautilus 5811/1G-001

Furthermore, unlike the 5711’s three-part case construction, the 5811 is built with a two-part case – a nod to the “monobloc” case of the original Nautilus 3700 from the 1970s. To facilitate taking the movement in and out of the two-part case, Patek devised a new pull-out piece lever system that allows the winding stem to be removed from the dial side.

Finally, new to the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica white gold bracelet is an updated fold-over clasp with a new lockable adjustment system that allows easy lengthening of the bracelet by two or four millimeters.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990/1A-011

Patek has revived the Nautilus 5990/1A Travel Time super clone, complete with the familiar 41.5mm stainless steel case but this time rather than a gray dial, it’s furnished with a new sunburst blue dial with black gradation. The steel integrated bracelet also features the patented adjustable clasp. Other details remain the same, such as the self-winding caliber CH 28-520 C FUS that drives the flyback chronograph, two time zones, and date, and time functions of the watch.

New Patek Philippe Releases Nautilus 5990/1A-011

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712/1R-001

Next up is a new version of the beloved Patek Philippe Replica Watches, now dressed entirely in 18k rose gold from its 40mm case to its integrated bracelet. The rose gold bracelet also benefits from the new patented fold-over clasp with the lockable adjustment system.

The charmingly off-centered date and moon phases, running seconds, and power-reserve subdials of the Nautilus 5712/1R-001 sit on a beautiful brown sunburst dial, which darkens towards the periphery. The back of the watch allows a view of the Caliber 240 PS IRM C LU self-winding movement.

New Patek Philippe Releases Nautilus 5712/1R-001

Yes, Patek Philippe clone has made a rose gold 5712 before, but paired with a leather strap and a darker brown-black dial; this new rosier version is a welcome addition to the lineup.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1300R-001

The men’s Nautilus range was not the only one to welcome new models; Patek also introduced a new ladies’ Nautilus in the form of the ref. 7118/1300R-001.

Featuring a 35.2mm rose gold case and matching rose gold integrated bracelet, the Nautilus 7118/1300R Patek Philippe copy watches price shines even more thanks to a bezel that’s set with 68 baguette-cut spessartite gemstones (from the garnet family) in cognac and champagne tones. We’ll drink to that! The rose-gilt waves-patterned dial is also home to 11 ogival-shaped cognac-colored spessartite hour markers, joined by a date window at 6 o’clock. Inside the case is the automatic Caliber 324 S C movement, which is of course visible via the sapphire caseback.

New Patek Philippe Releases Nautilus 7118/1300R-001

Patek may classify this as a women’s watch but we’re pretty sure this gem-set midsized Nautilus will find its way on the wrists of many men too.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut 7968/300R-001

Continuing with the theme of gem-set Patek Sports Copy Watches Online, feast your eyes on the new Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Chronograph, a.k.a. reference 7968-300R-001. This colorful and sparkly number features a 39.9mm rose gold case embellished with not one but two rows of precious gemstones on the bezel: 40 multicolored sapphires and 40 diamonds.

Naturally, the sparkling spectacle continues to the mother-of-pearl dial with a dozen skittle-toned sapphires serving as hour markers. Oh, and Patek added 10 diamonds to the rose gold fold-over clasp for good measure.

New Patek Philippe Releases Aquanaut 7968/300R-001

Gorgeous gems aside, this is the first time Cheapest Patek Philippe Replica Watches has made a chronograph version of the ladies’ Aquanaut Luce collection – and it’s a self-winding flyback chronograph one at that, powered by Caliber CH 28‑520.

A watch with this much punch deserves to be paired with more than just one rubber strap, so Patek delivers the Aquanaut 7968-300R-001 with three of them in red, beige, and white.

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Cheap Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5204R Quality Replica Watches

A variant of a longstanding reference in the Patek Philippe catalogue, the Replica Split-Seconds Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5204R-011 is only set apart by its slate-grey dial, but unusual nonetheless – it’s the sole model in Patek Philippe’s Grand Complications collection in that colour, where the predominant colours are silver, blue, black, and a splash of salmon.The rose gold version of this reference is already available with a black dial as the ref. 5204/1R, but matched with a weighty and flashy rose gold bracelet.

The new ref. 5204R in contrast is a relatively low key watch, which will appeal to anyone who wants a “Grand Complication” that’s, well, low key.The colour palette of the new ref. 5204R is a familiar because it works well. This makes the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica the most appealing version of the model currently available; it is certainly more striking than the conservative model with a silver dial.I do wish Patek had taken the opportunity to redesign the dial slightly, perhaps with slimmer hands and a moon phase display on the top of the lower register. As it is, the moon phase display leaves the dial bottom heavy, especially given that the registers are positioned below the central, horizontal axis of the dial.

But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the watch is the calfskin strap, which is surely part of a gradual rollout by Patek Philippe of straps made from more sustainable materials, reflecting a broader trend within the luxury goods industry.The dial of the new ref. 5204R is rendered in a slate grey and finished with a radial brushing, giving it a metallic, reflective finish. This contrasts with the grained, opaline finish of the earlier versions. But dial colour and finish aside, the new model is identical.

The case is 40 mm, with details inherited from earlier generations of Patek Philippe Replica Watches, namely the fluted lugs, concave bezel, and convex case band.The ref. 5204R is equipped with the CHR 29-535 PS Q, a variant of Patek Philippe’s flagship in-house chronograph movement. A slim, hand-wind movement, it’s essentially the same calibre found in the ref. 5370P, but with the addition of a perpetual calendar module on the dial side. And the base calibre is the chronograph movement that underpins the refs. 5170 and 5270.

The thinness of the movement is notable. Despite the Patek Philippe first copy watches having both a split-seconds chronograph as well as a perpetual calendar, it is just 8.7 mm high. Typically such movement of this type are over 9 mm as, which was the case of the CHR 27-70 Q found in the ref. 5004 and the L101.1 of the Lange 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar.