Patek Philippe Ref.5531R Replica

Patek Philippe Adds World Time Minute Repeater & New Ladies’ Chronograph

In 2017, is one of the largest watch world story Patek Philippe at New York’s historic “watch big exhibition art”, and made its debut in the limited edition watches, which is one of the most popular watch world time minute repeater Ref. 5531R is limited to two series, each series of five pieces, with New York as the theme of the cord-wire enamel dial. Today, to start the 2018 Basel international horologe exhibition, Swiss Patek philippe replica watches launched the new version of this complicated models, this model will become part of their regular series, at the same time also will launch a new chain on the manual timing clock, Ref to replace has been discontinued.

Like its limited-edition predecessors – we were told that all 10 products had been sold before the grand show was packed up and left big apple – the new fake Patek Philippe Ref. 5531 watch combines the three questions function and the world time function, which are two of Patek’s famous problems. More it is worth noting that it is unique in the world time asked three repeater, frankly, this is not so much – even if he is travelling in and watch set in different local time, also need not specify the wearer’s family time, reference. Regardless of local time, 5531 will always be hit. In other words, the central pointer display in the main time on the dial (by to the city on the dial at 12 o ‘clock position alignment of the city said) is the wearer in a side slide when activated repeater time rose gold case, as well as its characteristics and the original manual ji ornamental patterns. There is a separate push rod above the opposite (lower) crown to facilitate setting the local time zone.

This type of core is automatic on – chain core R 27 HU, first appeared in New York version. This movement is made by the 462 parts, and according to the Luxury Patek Philippe Watches internal decoration, on the strict quality certification standard movement by an embedded movement of 22 k gold miniature rotor winding and become, and is emblazoned with a picture of his studs twisted rope. All the technical excellence you expect to include – the Gyromax balance, Silinvar’s Spiromax balance spring, and the 48-hour power reserve – is visible below the transparent sapphire cover.

While the limited edition dial depicts New York City during the day and night, the new Ref.8’s corded enamel dial is an eye-opener. 5531R replaces the pastoral image of the Lavaux vineyard terrace on lake Geneva’s shore, a UNESCO world heritage site not far from Patek Philippe replic watches Swiss headquarters. The dial is fitted with a rose gold hand, including a perforated counterclockwise, and its silhouette is inspired by the southern cross. It is surrounded by 24-hour partitions, divided into two colored sectors representing day and night, and disks printed in the names of 24 world cities.