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Fake Patek Philippe White-Gold 5970 with ‘Brick’ Bracelet

Cheap Patek Philippe White-Gold 5970 Replica case size is relatively small, only 36.7mm, so the space on the dial has been restricted. There is no 5004 watch, and the available space on the dial is greatly reduced.

Black dial of rose gold and treasure Bre 12, application point markings and white speedometer-Clapton Referee 3970 has never been used before, has been used in the above references.

When Swiss Patek Philippe Replica was launched in 2004 and suddenly provided Clapton with an exciting new possibility, which boiled down to the huge difference between the 40mm reference. 5970 and 36.7 mm refer to 3970/5004: available dialing space.

The dial space provided by the 5970 is much larger than that of its predecessor, which means that even if the watch is already equipped with a handsome bold speedometer, Clapton can still use the full set of precious Bre digital indexes to debug the watch.

The configurations of these Luxury Fake Watches are as follows: white gold watches with silver dials and black rhodium hour markers and hands; rose gold watches with white dials.

As you can clearly see, refer to the treasure gue number on the reference. The 5970 is taller and thinner, while the font used for smaller watches is more compact, thicker and more square.

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Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P-011 Replica Split-Seconds Chronograph

The 1:1 Swiss Replica ref. 5370P-001 was Patek Philippe’s second split-seconds chronograph powered by an in-house caliber, after the watches equipped the smaller, slimmer, and far more expensive CHR 27-525 movement. With a black grand feu enamel dial featuring Breguet numerals that gave it an eminently classical style.

Except for the dial, the new model is the same as the case. The case uses the same CHR 29-535 PS, and the dial uses an amazing blue enamel, except for the dial.

On the Fake Patek Philippe dial with the dial base of 18k gold, the dial is coated with enamel glass, then fired in the oven, the enamel is melted onto the surface, and this process is repeated until the desired color and thickness are obtained. The resulting Shanda feu enamel paint has a different gloss from enamel paint.

The dial function again uses the precious white 18k platinum numbers to add depth to the dial. These numbers, as well as the iron or leaf-shaped hands, add a touch of elegance to the originally relatively sporty watch.

The reference number is a platinum case, 41 mm wide and 13.56 mm high. Although the shape and details of the case give it a certain degree of sophistication, the Patek Philippe Replica Watch 5370P does not wear out very little, which is rare in large watches. Although the size is similar to the Lange Double Split, the model number 5370P managed to become smaller.

The movement is also designed in an attractive way, with a slender and beautifully shaped lever for the chronograph mechanism, which further enhances its delicate beauty. The highlight is the second hand mechanism in the middle of the movement, located under a sharp bridge.