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Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph with Sapphires or Rubies

Swiss Patek Philippe Replica has introduced two variants of its classic paired complication: the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5271/11P and Ref. 5271/12P are set with blue sapphires and rubies respectively, with each having a graduated finish dial in a matching colour. Both new references retain the look and feel of the ref. 5270 but certainly pack a punch with their flamboyant jewelled cases.

The brand launched a new version of the longstanding ref. 5270 that featured a smoked green dial that was widely applauded (no doubt in part due to the current popularity of the colour). But the recent Patek Philippe Replica Watches launches left me wondering, what else can Patek Philippe do to up its game beyond its mastery of complications? Well, now we have an answer.

In terms of the design, the new ref. 5271s retain the classic layout and distinctive feel of the perpetual calendar chronographs that the brand is known for, but with a few adjustments to the dial that give it a more contemporary feel. And then the coloured gemstones transform a watch that is ordinarily sedate into something over the top.

But the new Cheap Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Replica are not just about bling and colours. Both have a slightly more modern dial aesthetic thanks to a few modest tweaks. Unlike their predecessor ref. 5271P with diamonds, the new models do without the tachymeter scale and “chin” on the lower edge of the dial. Instead, they adopt the railway-style outer track that is substantially more pleasing to the eyes. And the new models also feature faceted dauphine-esque hands instead of more classical leaf hands.

Both new versions of the Patek Philippe super clone ref. 5271 have the same 41 mm platinum case that’s set with 58 baguette-cut gemstones on both the bezel and the lugs, plus another 22 baguette-cut stones on the folding clasp, for a total of 4.11 carats across the entire watch.

And they are naturally powered by the manually-wound CH 29‑535 PS Q, the Patek Philippe first copy watches first in-house chronograph movement. It features a traditional construction comprising a column wheel and horizontal clutch, while offering a power reserve of 65 hours.

Fake Philippe Watches, Patek Philippe Replica, Swiss Replica Watches

About The Most Exquisite Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Have you ever noticed that Patek Philippe Replica Watches reference numbers and caliber numbers also include letters? Like many of the biggest names in watchmaking, most of these letters and numbers have a purpose. They can tell you valuable information about the watch, such as the materials used and the functions built into the movement. If you’re not sure what the letters in these alphanumeric codes mean, don’t fret. We’ve compiled this handy Patek Philippe reference number guide.

About Patek Philippe Reference Numbers

A reference number is a model number that helps distinguish a watch from other offerings in Patek Philippe’s catalog. There are other watchmaking companies on the market that follow a very strict numbering system where every single digit provides information about the watch in question. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica is not one of them. While they do follow a pattern of some sort, not every digit is meant to stand for something. Additionally, the rules they seem to follow aren’t always concrete, which is important to keep in mind when reading this guide.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches number structure typically follows a loose format that looks something like this: 5726/1A-014, although most people refer to the models by their first four digits because they’re often much easier to remember. Additionally, models from the same collection seem to share the first two digits most of the time. For example, the Calatrava often starts with 52XX and the Nautilus 57XX.

Patek Philippe Reference Number Structure

Let’s start from the very beginning. The first digit of the reference number usually signifies the gender of the watch. Numbers beginning with 3, 5, and 6 are typically assigned to men’s models, while reference numbers starting with 4 and 7 are often assigned to women’s watches. The sequence following the backslash signifies specific details of the watch itself, such as the bezel, bracelet, or case.

Remember, these are just loose rules that don’t always apply. However, it’s still useful to have them in your back pocket if you’re a Patek Philippe fake swiss watches enthusiast.

Patek Philippe Caliber Numbers

On the other hand, the letters in Luxury Patek Philippe first copy watches caliber numbers signify the complications and functions of the movement. Let’s use the caliber 240 PS IRM C LU as an example. Using the guide below, we can determine that it features small seconds (PS), a power reserve indicator (IRM), a date indicator (C ), and a moon phase (LU).

To the untrained eye, Patek Philippe’s reference and caliber numbers are overwhelming. However, if you know how to read them, you can determine quite a bit about the watch without even looking at it.

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The Best Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Monopusher Rattrapante Ref. 5373P

While Patek Philippe’s fall novelties include some hotly anticipated updates to its sports watch saga, it also encompasses a grand complication carefully conceived in a sporty and contemporary manner – the Perpetual Calendar Rattrapante Chronograph Ref. 5373P Replica.Like its predecessor, it combines two of Patek Philippe’s most prized complications – a split seconds chronograph and a perpetual calendar, making it the most complicated “destro” watch on the market.

Cased in platinum, the new reference has the exact same dimensions as the ref. 5372P, measuring 38.3mm in diameter and a slim 12.93 high as it houses the same Swiss Patek Philippe Replica, which is made up of the magnificently slim split-seconds chronograph movement that first debuted in the hallowed ref. 5959 in 2005 and a thin perpetual calendar module built atop.

The case remains identical to its predecessor in form and finish, featuring a polished, concave bezel contrasted by a pronounced satin-brushed recess along its case flanks. It features slender, elegantly curved lugs with a distinctive press-fitted platinum caps at their ends.

As the movement had to be inverted to relocate the crown to the nine o’clock position, the position of the pushers as well as the layout of the counters and calendar discs are rotated by 180 degrees from their usual positions. The split seconds pusher is now located at eight o’clock while the analogue date is located at 12 o’clock, the running seconds at three o’clock, the Patek Philippe Replica Watches moon phases at six o’clock and the 60-minute totalizer at nine o’clock, with the aperture displays for the leap year and day-and-night indicator are relocated to the top half of the dial.

Beyond the change in configuration, the watch is also an exercise in contemporary aesthetics. The dial has a vertical satin finish, with a charcoal grey cast that goes from a slate grey at the centre of the dial to ebony black at the periphery. The Patek Philippe super clone applied Arabic numerals and faceted Dauphine hour hands are in white gold while the chronograph seconds hands as well as the 60-minute totalizer hand are varnished red for absolute contrast and dynamism. This distinctive colourway continues onto the strap made of black calfskin with an embossed texture and red stitches.

Visible through its sapphire case back is the tiny but tremendous CHR 27-525 PS Q. The split seconds cal. CHR 27-525 PS was Patek’s first in-house chronograph movement and one of the most elaborate and classically beautiful chronograph movements ever created by any brand, period. At the time of its launch in 2005, the CHR 27-525 PS movement was the slimmest split-seconds chronograph movement on the market, standing at just 5.25 mm high.

As a general rule of thumb – all Who sells Patek Philippe replica watches perpetual calendars with triple calendar counters employ a 48-month cam while other configurations utilize a 12-month cam with a satellite system. While there is also third possible execution of a calendar program wheel, which is a single 12-month cam that works in conjunction with a separate leap year cam, the benefit of the two approaches employed by Patek is that the leap year is already encoded in the month cam, freeing up space.

Tech Specs

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Monopusher Rattrapante Ref. 5373P “Destro”

Movement: Caliber CHR 27-525 PS Q, manual-winding, power reserve min. 38 hours – max 48 hours
Functions: Split-second Monopusher chronograph, day, month, leap year and day/night indications in apertures, date, moon phase, small seconds
Case: Platinum, 38.3 x 12.93mm, water-resistant to 30M
Strap: Black calfskin, embossed with fabric pattern, fold-over clasp