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However, people’s desire and perceived value is: cognition, and they can quickly change – just as last time, when four Patek Philippe Calibre 89 Grand Complication in the pocket watch one a few days ago at sotheby’s quietly failure May 14th 2017 Geneva watch of wrist of “important” auction.Swiss Patek philippe replica watches  Calibre 89 was first unveiled in 1989, after nine years of research and development to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary. Patek philippe only made 4 Calibre 89 watches, each precious metal one; Gold, platinum, rose gold and platinum. At its birth, it was the world’s most complicated wristwatch, a title that lasted for about 26 years before the introduction of Reference 57260 in 2015.

This fake Patek Philippe Calibre 89 fuselage width 88.2 mm, width is 88.2 mm gold watch case weighs about 2 kilograms, weighing about 1.1 kg, includes a total of 1728 weight parts, power as its 33 complications. They are distributed across two dials and the sides of some thrusters and sliders. Except as a perpetual calendar, phases of the moon, according to the big and small gyroscope, the tourbillon and timing clock “” common complications, such as Calibre 89 also has more unusual complex functions, such as the star chart, seconds at the same time, the sun, the date of Easter (the first in the world, December 13, 1985, a patek philippe patented), and even a thermometer. This is, of course, the miracle of a very good mechanic.

Patek Philippe produces only one Calibre 89 for each precious metal — apparently gold, plus three white and rose gold and platinum. This makes tracking easier – although the auction house always provides a separate serial number. When you see a yellow Calibre 89, it was always with exactly the same – unless you see another person was miraculously found, as happened before, some other “very rare”fake Patek Philippe works.

So what’s left of the wristwatch and three other Patek Philippe Calibre 89 replica watches? In appearance, this is not so good for watches and vendors. After two years of public after failing to sell the watch, will no doubt affect the attraction of the watch, create a new opportunities for opportunistic buyers, trying to provide quotation for tabulation history. However, time healing may be correct, and as we are often told, opportunity 89 May resume recording – just not holding your breath.