Popular Patek Philippe replica watches-New Ladies’ Chronograph

In 2017, is one of the largest watch world story Patek Philippe at New York’s historic “watch big exhibition art”, and made its debut in the limited edition watches, which is one of the most popular Patek Philippe  replica watch world time minute repeater Ref. 5531R is limited to two series, five in each series, with New York as the subject of the thread-enamel dial. Today, to start the 2018 Basel international horologe exhibition, patek philippe has launched the new version of this complicated model, will become part of their regular series, at the same time also on the launch of the new manual chain timing clock, Ref to replace has been discontinued. Read on to learn more about the two watches.

Although the limited edition of the dial depicted New York City during the day and night, the new ref.8 pink-enamel dial was a revelation. 5531R replaces the pastoral image of the Lavaux vineyard terrace area on lake Geneva, which is a UNESCO world heritage site not far from Patek Philippe Swiss Replica headquarters. The dial is used to match the rose gold hand, including a perforated hour hand, whose contours are inspired by the southern cross. It is surrounded by 24 hours of partition, divided into two colored sectors, representing day and night, and disks printed in the names of 24 world cities.

The shell is 42mm in diameter, with a hollowed-out ear, crystals of special shape, and a golden crown with the brand’s ubiquitous calatrava cross. The wristwatch is set with a chocolate brown alligator strap and a rose gold folding buckle. The new Ref. Ms 7150/250r-001 is Patek Philippe’s unique chronometer for women, replacing the groundbreaking Ref. The “Ladies First” model was First unveiled in 2009 and launched in 2016. The new fake Patek Philippe watch, like its predecessor, uses Patek Philippe’s internal manual chain chronometer Calibre CH 29-535 PS (which we cover here in detail), but with a completely new dial design and shell.

New round rose gold case Ref. 7150/250r-001, 38 mm in diameter, replaced the cushioned box of the model it replaced. There are 72 diamonds in the bezel, with grooves in the ear, and elegant arc to show the retro look. The classic round timing table putter’s aesthetic dial and the manual engraving surface. The new silver ivory dial kept 7071 bicompax appearance, but not have adopted a more traditional circular and elliptical dial, and increases the vigorous development of another kind of style restoring ancient ways, namely the found in the history of the pulse with a stopwatch scale doctor Patek Philippe replica watches are designed to use to measure the heart rate.


Patek Philippe Calibre 240 Ladies’ replica watches

Patek Philippe replica watch art exhibition not only shows the glorious history of the company as a watchmaker, but also as the manufacturer’s serious women’s watch. Patek Philippe has launched nine special edition timepieces, six of which are non-aristocratic watches, three of which are for women, including a new three-time wristwatch. There are also several women’s works on display at the show, including the first Patek Philippe repeat, a women’s watch made in 1916.

During the special edition of the pageant, a woman asked the rapporteur for reference. Ref. 7000/250, with a beautiful blue enamel dial. It contains the new Calibre R 27 PS. The case is made up of 160 diamonds and is set by the company’s proprietary Flamme. Fake Patek Philippe watches launched Flamme Calatrava 7200/200R in 2016. Flamme’s setting focuses on the metal around the diamond, rather than focusing on the cutting of the diamond itself to achieve high light return. After setting the gem, the gem device USES a diamond to separate the gold from each diamond, exposing the lower part and allowing light to pass. Not only does the technology release more luster, it also creates a lace-like pattern in the surrounding gold that adds more sparkle.

The second women’s special edition is the men’s new 300 pieces Patek Philippe world time New York special edition accessories, but the number is much less. Ladies’ reference. The 7130 is limited to two 75 (rose gold or platinum) versions, with diamond trim and dial, like men’s wear, embossed with the New York skyline. There are 62 diamonds on the ring and 27 diamonds on the fork in the ring. With “Patek Philippe New York 2017”, Calibre 240U is based on the Patek Philippe ultra-thin automatic core Calibre 240, which is the main movement of Patek Philippe Ladies’ replica watch.

“This campaign is the secret to creating a great lady’s watch,” Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern told me at the opening of the exhibition. “You have to be able to make very good ultra-thin machines. This is what Patek Philippe has. Patek Philippe Calibre 240 replica watch is very small, very perfect. It’s slim but not fragile. In addition, this is an automatic movement, which is important. In the past, women were more in quartz, but now, over the years, things are changing. The quartz is decreasing today. It’s only 12 percent of our output. Today, more women are willing to wear them automatically. ”

Calibre 240 is again at the fifth Patek Philippe Replica Calatrava Ref. 7200/50. It has a fashionable official style case, a symbol of the Calatrava series, with direct earrings, a white or blue mother-of-pearl, and a diamond hour mark. It is also in two limited-edition 75 watches each (white or blue dial). The blue dial comes with a blue-gray alligator strap and a white dial with a peacock blue crocodile strap. Again, the crystal on the back of the case has a special reference.