Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica

Swiss Patek philippe replica watches – Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5650G

Patek Philippe today launched in Basel and horological exhibit 5 watch of wrist of edition of set limit to “advanced research”, this is not only two impressive display of technological innovation, is also the anniversary of a series of brand sports. The following is fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5650G that you should know about.

Swiss Patek philippe replica watches Aquanaut celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. A wrist watch commemorating this milestone – references. The 5650 Aquanaut travel time “Patek Philippe advanced research” – has an 18K platinum case with a diameter of 40.8 mm, a thickness of 11 mm, and a waterproof depth of 120 m. It is equipped with the function of clever conception of dual time zone, Patek can be used in the previous models, such as Calatrava Pilot travel time and Nautilus travel time, and the function of automatic winding machine, this is the first time there are two major technological innovation: with convex optimization Spiromax balance spring inside. And the so-called flexible mechanism for setting time zones. The watch will be limited to 500 watches.

The watch, which includes Patek Philippe’s 324 S C FUS, is powered by two innovative technologies developed by Luxury Patek Philippe Watches advanced research laboratory. The first is Spiromax vernier, made by Silinvar, which is fitted with two end curves and optimized by an internal convex platform. It improves the isochronism of the balance in the vertical direction of the watch. As a result, its speed accuracy ranges from 1 to +2 seconds per day – similar to the precision of a Patek Philippe tourbillon watch.

Other travel time with other Patek Philippe replica watches, this Aquanaut show local time and date, and the second time zone (usually to the wearer’s local time) and two time zones indicator of day and night. Two actuator flank control Settings on the left side of the box body. During a journey across multiple time zones, the local time clock can be adjusted forward or backward at an hour’s pace. The day/night indicator and date (if applicable) will also change during this process. Thrusters are set at 8 o ‘clock local time when the owner is driving eastward. The 10 o ‘clock actuator can adjust the local time of the journey to the west.

Aquanaut travel time reference. The 5650 uses a bright blue dial decorated with the series’ familiar relief patterns and shades of light to dark colors. At 9 o ‘clock, the watchmaker, carved out an adequate openings, through this opening, silver soft mechanical device (with four cross leaf spring, the surface of the elaborate and chamfering edge) on the dynamic screen display.