Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica

Patek Philippe replica watches-Advanced research aquanaut travel time 5650G watch

In 2017, Patek Philippe launched the fifth “advanced research” watch, designed to showcase the brand’s latest innovation and material development. Patek Philippe Aquanaut travel time reference. The 5650G “Patek Philippe advanced research” watch shows two developments in the brand’s rollout: the Spiromax balance spring made by Silinvar and the “flexible mechanism” for setting up the second time zone. It is important to note that this is a Patek Philippe’s first have a half open dial Patek Philippe replica watches, it may cause a pearl grappling or tired of criticism, but Patek Philippe wants to show off this kind of machine design and strive for. So, it’s good for them.

The Spiromax two-terminal curve Silinvar balanced spring has two terminal curves and an internal convex platform, which Patek Philippe claims can be balanced in the vertical direction. This leads to the accuracy of -1 / + 2 seconds per second, which is said to indicate a performance improvement similar to that of the tour-flywheel. The actual benefits of the toura wheel are not completely verifiable, but our accuracy has been improved by the new Patek Philippe advanced study on the development of the Aquanaut travel time of fake Patek Philippe 5650G watches.

The second biggest development is the use of a steel compatible (or flexible) mechanism in the second time zone setting. While this is not a new material development, it shows how the company can improve its existing mechanisms. The flexible or flexible mechanism basically means using the material’s elasticity (the material here is stainless steel) instead of the mechanism produced by the pivot and the spring.

The new mechanism Swiss Patek philippe replica watches developed uses four cross – plate springs, one for the corrector button, and one for the control rod, and the other for the corrector button to improve the break in the gear rim. These steel springs intersect each other in a 0.15mm space between each incredible sheet spring. The advantage is more simple assembly, with 12 components, rather than 37, 4 screws, lead to faster assembly, smooth contour (1.45 mm) than 1.24 mm, and free of lubrication function, can improve the overall quality of the mechanical operation with the passage of time, due to the friction loss.

I don’t think many people often will fake Patek Philippe watches linked with material innovation and research, and some hollow out dial is almost certainly a conscious design decisions, to attract attention, and make “advanced research” specified quietly introduced the development of the claim is more than just a brand to continuously improve the stability of the movement but sometimes neglected dedication.