Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica

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Two deadpan beauty Patek Philippe Calatrava and a. Lange&SohneSaxonia, the lead in the WatchTime file comparison test. Jens Koch has a deep understanding of the two watches.

Both  Swiss Patek philippe replica watches were inspired by the past. The calatrava reference number 5196 is the same as the original calatrava, and the last number is the same as the reference number 96 in 1932. Reference number 5196 USES its predecessor’s diphene hand, second dial, faceted index and a small circle of dots that form a minute circle. The diameter of 96 is significantly smaller, so its second dial edge is tangent to the outside of the dial at 6 o ‘clock. It was not easy to determine the predecessor of Saxony. The name was introduced in 1994 when the brand was reborn. Like the current model, saxonia avoided digital and automatic winding in 1994, but its rhomboid index differed from the new Saxony. Like all the Lange models that followed the company’s resurgence, the saxonesque hand was in the shape of the lancet.

Calatrava and Saxonia are all 37 millimeters in diameter, which is the right size for a dress watch that is suitable for an era of greater and greater age. Each is only 8 millimeters thick, meaning it can disappear under a carefully tailored shirt cuff. Both of these Fake Patek Philippe watches look like they are thinner than they are, thanks to the case and the dome of sapphire crystal. With narrow bezels and relatively long ears, Calatrava looks flatter than Saxonia, which has a higher dome and wider borders.

One obvious difference between the two watches is that there is no window on the back of calatrava. Why does Patek Philippe ignore it? The answer will come when people open the box and find that the caliber is 215, but it is also quite petite – slightly less than 22mm in diameter. A similar window might disappoint. By contrast, the auto-winding calatrava model does have a trunk to display, possibly because their Calibre 315 SC, 27 mm in diameter, is significantly larger than 215. Though without a shell of the dark outside the window within the scope of invisible 215 movement, Patek Philippe gave related to Geneva best tabulation delicate decoration and decorative prosperity: Geneva waves, cant and polished edge, polishing head screw, satin polishing wheel and the ratchet wheel, the polishing on the gear tooth profile and Gyromax balance. The movement also bears the Geneva stamp. The layout of the bridge can be traced back to the time of Patek Philippe replica watches.