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So far, you may have read Patek Philippe’s new automated chain of 5320G. This is the first time we’ve seen it and it’s very impressive, and it reminds us of Patek Philippe replica watches most famous design in the 1940s and 1950s.

Ben had his first glimpse of the world of Basel after sharing his initial reaction and some live photos. He looked at the most interesting features of the watch, including watches belonging to the calatrava family, and was inspired by references. 2405, another kind of perpetual calendar, which began in 1940. It is noted that this situation has the characteristics of being engraved to obtain sharp lines and interesting geometry.

Patek philippe agrees with the first point, but feels that although we are not wrong about its mark, we may have oversimplified the process of achieving 5320G. Shortly after our story, we were invited back to their booth and met with philippe Barat, the head of technology development at copy Patek philippe watches, to learn more about how the 5320G was made. Always eager to hear more from baida, we accept. That’s what we learned.

5320G is indeed covered. Patek Philippe’s chief executive, Mr Stern requirements development team to make a “very, very straight line” watch, similar to the Swiss Patek philippe replica watches in the 1940 s, and bharat said only two techniques can be used to “between” in the middle of the earrings and box, this is in order to imprint the earrings or welded to the box, and Patek wouldn’t do that. Stamping was the only way out at the time, but it was only the first step towards completing the case for 5320G. This is what the original stamp looks like.

This is what it looks like when more metal is removed. “All the rest are cutting and grinding,” said bharat, which is then sent to this part of the polishing department, diameter can be put in at work, there’s a lot of work to do before and strap is connected to the ear. The case was done by hand.”It’s a very delicate job,” says bharat, “because when you have sharp edges, the polishing must be very soft.” Polishing conventional surfaces requires incredible skill, and Fake Patek Philippe 5320G watches of course is a lot. Only the most skilled specialists can get the required three-tier earpieces, he told us.