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Calatrava is named after the magnificent Calatrava cross. The cross was first used as the marching flag of the knights of Calatrava, who fought against the moors for fort Calatrava in 1158. The logo was registered as a trademark with Patek Philippe and Cie on 27 April 1887, although it has only been more frequently seen on the crown and movement of Patek Philippe replica watches since the 1960s. The use of the Calatrava name in this series demonstrates its importance to the brand, and indeed it has played an important role since then.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 96 is a microcosm of understated elegance, considered by many to be the blueprint for the ultimate wearable wrist watch. It was also the first model to introduce a reference number for Luxury Patek Philippe Watches. Inspired by Bauhaus formal principles, David Penney’s minimalist design elevates the accuracy of time to its purest essence. There is no unnecessary detail, no unnecessary prosperity, but the concept has remained largely unchanged for 85 years since its introduction in 1932. It is no coincidence that vintage Calatravas are still highly sought after by collectors. However, before we go into the details, I think it is necessary to have some knowledge of Bauhaus school itself to fully understand the basic elements that make the original design so timeless.

With this knowledge, it becomes obvious that Bauhaus influenced the design elements of David Penney’s fake Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 96 watches. First, the 31mm round case reflects the circular shape inside the core and the passage of time itself. The thickness is only 9 mm, and the back is buckled and the surface is polished. At the same time, the convex ears are not welded together, but integrated into the three-piece case design and gradually become thinner to ensure the wrist is very comfortable, which is a typical shape following function. These days the building is taken for granted, but this is largely due to the forward-looking Ref. It elevates the humble convex ear from a deliberate consideration to an integral part of the overall design.

What really sets Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 96 apart, however, is its minimalist modern dial design. Like the case itself, the dial embodies Bauhaus’s formal philosophy of following function, eschewing the more delicate designs of the decorative art era. The point is to point out time in the clearest and most attractive way, only time. In the original version, the number of hours was marked on the outside of the dial using a gold trapezoid, while the small second hand was displayed on the dial at 6 o ‘clock. The gold in Dauphine’s hands, with its two pointed and engraved faces, was responsible for hours and minutes. If the layout seems familiar, it is only because it has been copied thousands of times by Swiss Patek philippe replica watches and those trying to emulate the brand’s timeless style.