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Patek Philippe replica watches launched Nautilus in 1998 with the original 42mm size reference 3710, but the model has Roman numerals and power reserve indicators. In 2005, reference 3712 was added to the Nautilus series. It has power storage and a monthly indicator, as well as a small pointer date display arranged in an asymmetrical manner. The model was updated only a year later.

In 2006, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nautilus, Luxury Patek Philippe Watches updated the series with a more rounded case shape and improved case design. The case no longer includes a combination base and middle part top, but now has a classic three-piece case structure. Using modern manufacturing methods, the change did not affect the waterproof properties of the watch. And for each model, the “ears” that connect the bezel to the middle part are round, and the movement can be viewed through a transparent cover. The bracelet is also refined and looks more fashionable.

Reference 5711 was also launched in 2006. 43 mm diameter shell, it has a more than the original Nautilus1 mm. (no crown, measured from 10 o ‘clock to 4 o ‘clock, it’s 40 mm.) The classic steel 3 watch has a steel chain and a black and blue dial. The watch has a built-in Calibre 315s C drive with a built-in vibratory counterweight. It is a worthy successor to the original, reflecting the appearance of the model but adding a central scan second hand. That model really took a hit, with demand far outstripping supply. Like rolex daytona, the watch is about 50% more expensive on the second-hand market than the new model – and higher than the current $29,800 price tag. (a second hand version with a white dial may be found for less than the black/blue version.) The Nautilus cufflinks made by cheap fake Patek Philippe watches show just how powerful the collection’s design is. They have the iconic shape of the watch, two “ears” and horizontal stripes in black/blue or other colors to match various models, under the sapphire crystal. These accessories can be immediately recognized as part of the Nautilus watch series.

On its anniversary in 2006, the manufacturer also launched Nautilus chronograph, using the newly developed Calibre 28-520 C, Reference 5980, which currently offers only rose gold, two-tone steel and rose gold. This is the first Nautilus that contains a timestamp watch movement with no additional functionality – if you think of rapid advance dates, combined minute and hour counters, and flyback for directly resetting a running timestamp table is not “additional functionality.”

Swiss Patek philippe replica watches, which launched two limited-edition models in 2016 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nautilus, attracted a lot of attention: platinum edition Reference 5711, a limited number of 700, for $113,400, and the time stopwatch edition platinum with a 44mm case. The model is limited to 1,300 pieces and costs $96,390. The anniversaries of the rectangular diamonds used as hour markers and the marking on the dial (valid for 1976-2016) are sometimes seen as too ostentatious. Even these Nautilus models are popular and quickly sold out, despite the high cost of case materials.

Fake Luxury Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph Ref. 5980/1 A watches

A few years ago, Patek Philippe replica watches launched a new Ref. 5980/1a with a white dial (layman: this is the nautilus chronometer). Monochrome watch at the 2014 international horologe Basel found that pat has a production steel 5980/1 model, and replace it as the first 2 OuDeGang nautilus timing clock, such as Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5164.

This means that 5980/1A-019 (white dial Nautilus Chrono) will be in production within two years. Because we are here to talk about patek philippe, production quantity is quite low, and the resources now is a very rare birds, we expect that it will become very collectable. Although other steel 5980/1 model is not a few (but with Rolex Submariner compared is a super rare), but we won’t be surprise, their prices now, because Luxury Patek Philippe Watches boutique no longer meet the demand, but only on the secondary market. But now, let’s look at the model for the Nautilus family’s 2014 model, which has the same function as the Patek Philippe Aquanaut travel time introduced in 2011.

On the dial, we see the clock clock at 6 o ‘clock, similar to the Aquanaut travel time, with a pointer date at the top of the dial. The date shows the connection to local time, which is your destination. When traveling, you can move forward and backward to track the date of your time zone. There are two small apertures on the left and right side of the dial, showing day and night in the local time zone and home time zone. The driver of the chronometer – start, stop and reset to zero – on the left side of the box, like fake Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph Ref. 5980/1 A watches. If the old 5980/1a has a 60-minute and 12-hour measurement of time, 5990/1a has only a 60-minute counter. Although you can’t measure the running time of an intercontinental flight, the changed small round surface is more legible. Plus the pointer date register, which is a good thing.

On the left side of the case are two thrusters designed to change the local time zone when traveling. Fake Patek Philippe Watch is excellent at design because these buttons look like the “ears” of a parrot. However, increasing them forces Patek to change the typical two-part case of the model for more traditional three-part cases. Although the whole box structure has changed, the diameter is still 40.5 mm, and the case can still be waterproof 120 meters. In addition, the overall case thickness is not greater than the 12.6mm thickness of the 5980 (official data is not available). When we saw the first images, we were “worried” that the dial on the dial was too thick and too busy. After a trial on the wrist, we are convinced that our fears are groundless.