Fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A watches Hands-On

Patek Philippe has released the first chronometer Aquanaut, one of Patek Philippe’s most sporty collections. It was introduced 21 years ago in 1997 because it’s cheaper than Nautilus and less boring than the simple Calatrava model. The new fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph Ref. 5968 a is a very cool watch, attracting young people to 42.2 mm wide watchcase and feel interested in colours, because it has orange hue (my personal favorite color) as well as an option. In addition to the existing black rubber band, there are all orange rubber band.

So far, Aquanaut has introduced the classic 40mm tri-hand date model, the travel time model, and the cool platinum 42mm, which will be released in 2017 for the car’s 20th anniversary. The chronograph is the natural next step. Many people want the brand image of Patek Philippe. In my opinion, this is definitely the work.

42.2 mm and 11.9 mm thick crust is no longer a typical timing clock, time due to fly back to CH 28-520 – C computer machine movement makes timing clock pointer can also be used as the second hand, whereas Patek think this is no friction clutch. As an anti-excited chronometer without a second hand turntable, you can see the 60-minute chronograph, which is aesthetically similar to the six-o ‘clock case. Similarly, the orange chronograph pointer, the 60-minute sub-dial pointer and the sub-dial scale mark add enough color to the watch. To my annoyance, the date window didn’t match the color of the dial. This is a shame, and includes several Patek Philippe replica watches models, including Nautilus.

The CH 28-520 C core consists of 308 parts with a running speed of 28,800 VPH and a minimum power reserve of 45 hours to 55 hours, depending on the operation. The rotating watch shows the bottom cover of the exhibition and the core of the 21k gold central rotor. There are two push rods and crowns on the right side of the watch case, the 2 o ‘clock push rod is used for starting/stopping the chronograph, and the 4 o ‘clock push rod is used for the reset and anti-excitation functions of the chronograph. Of course, it’s not really an Aquanaut without a composite rubber band, and the chronometer comes with a black and orange band. Although the black one looks great, I may go all out and put on the orange one until I get tired of it. It is also worth noting that Patek has updated the cheap fake Patek Philippe watches band, which now has four buckle to improve the watch buckle. Of course, this watch is not only sporty, but also has a waterproof rating of 120 meters, so please wear it on your weekend trip.


Luxury fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A watches

Swiss Patek philippe replica watches continues to surprise us at the international horological and jewelry exhibition in Basel in 2018. After an unexpected calendar on Nautilus, the brand now has a version of Aquanaut’s chronometer — the first since the watch was introduced in 1997. In addition, the Aquanaut chronometer 5968A has a striking color and band on the dial. Like it or not, but Patek Philippe is moving forward.

Aquanaut is the first Patek Philippe designed for life, sport and water. Not that Nautilus was once considered a dress watch, but a hybrid of elegance and movement. Aquanaut has never hidden the reasons for its existence. It was even the first Luxury Patek Philippe Watches with a rubber band – a rarity in 1997. For the first time in its history, the modern icon has a chronograph, along with two other existing versions – time and date and travel time models.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A replica watches adopts colorful dial and bright band to create, and the brand is slightly wild. For the rest, however, integration has been done in subtle ways without changing Aquanaut’s overall style.Even with the addition of two timing buttons, the octagonal shape of the case remains intact – integration rather than revolutionary (not at all) is pleasant and balanced. Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A is made of stainless steel. The case diameter is 42.2 mm – the wrist is very compact – the height is 11.9 mm – the thickness of the automatic chronometer is very good. Overall, the ratio of exercise to balance.

The main evolution came from the dial – but again, there was no dramatic or clever integration of chronograph functions. Aquanaut Chronograph uses Patek Philippe’s built-in Calibre CH 28-520 and only one subdial for the 60-minute Chronograph. No running seconds, no 12-hour sub-dialing. Some people don’t like it as a deliberate choice, but at least the dial is still clean. Second, although the dial’s square pattern and dark grey are not new, we can find a variety of orange touches on the second hand, the second hand and the second track around the dial. Again, some may find it a bit loud, but it’s very refreshing and offers a younger, more stylish style.

You can make the same comment on the strap. Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A is equipped with two composite rubber bands: a classic black band and a more unexpected – and ultimately very attractive – orange band. Are you surprised? It is. The band also uses Patek Philippe’s latest folding buckle. After two years of production, the watch buckle was fitted with four clasps to increase security. Aquanaut Chronograph is a famous machine core with a built-in core CH 28-520 and is equipped with column wheel and vertical clutch. The core is also a fly-back chronometer with all the classic Patek Philippe treats, such as Spiromax and Gyromax technology, and the Patek Philippe replica watches seal.